Decent management of the various project phases is key to the development of the project. Idea Energía guarantees this success.


The projects require knowledge of the multitude of tasks in the various specialized fields. Idea Energía provides this experience.


The Idea Energía professional staff team is in charge of designing the facilities and guaranteeing that all the technical and legal requirements are met.


The importance of the environment is becoming more relevant to the surroundings in which we live. Idea Energía encourages respect for the environment over the period of time that the project runs.


Renewable energy projects require that deadlines and quality standards are met in the different phases of their specialized assistance. Idea Energía ensures that this happens.

Nuestros servicios están orientados a:

Fases del proyecto

Phase 1. Development Services:

“Idea Energía” is a safe bet when it comes to developing renewable energy projects as they can provide knowledge for a high number of tasks requiring various promotional phases.
- Identifying Investment Opportunities
- Location Assessment
- Installation and Maintenance of Measuring Equipment
- Resource Analysis and Energy Assessment
- Planning and Basic Engineering
- Geo-technics
- Environmental Impact Studies
- Annual Bird and Fauna Studies
- Study of Noise
- Urban Reports
- Electric Infra-structures and Grid Connections
- Permitting Affected Administrations and Other Affected Bodies
- Due Legal and Administrative Diligence


Phase 2 Financing ad Funding Services:

Any kind of financing or funding for a renewable energy project, whether it comes from the financing company who sets up the "finance plan," or from the investor who participates using their own capital, will require an in-depth technical and legal analysis in order to guarantee viability.
- Economic-Financial Investment Analysis.
- Looking for Funding and Financing.
- Creating a Vehicle Company.
- Setting up a Financial Plan.
- International Tax Planning.
- Technical, Financial and Legal Assistance:
- Financial Project Contract.
- EPC “Turnkey” Contract.
- Equipment Supply Contract.
- Public Works Contract.
- Electric Works Contract.
- Maintenance Contract.
- Network Connections Contract.
- Bilateral Contract Management (PPA).
- Due Financial Diligence.


Construction services

Idea Energía coordinates the diverse tasks involved in the construction and commissioning of a project, with the aim to ensure that the previously set deadlines and quality standards which are established in the contract are being met, along with appropriate cost-control.
- Engineering Project Details.
- Substation Engineering.
- High Voltage Line Engineering.
- Geotechnics Study.
- Cementing Plans.
- Managing Tenders and Contracts with Suppliers.
- Technical Assistance for Construction Work.
- Site Management.
- Public and Electric Works Supervision.
- Equipment Assembly Supervision.
- Start-up Inspection.
- Environmental Monitoring of the Works.
- Supervision of Contractual Obligations.
- Warranty Claiming.


O & M

Project functioning involves bringing together various actors: Maintenance works, network managers, supply companies, commercial representatives, owners, financial institutions, etc. Coordinating all the professionals who are involved is an essential task to guaranteeing optimum running of the facilities and their productivity.
- Overall Project Management.
- Technical Assistance.
- Environmental Surveillance Plans.
- Project Expense and Investment Quotes.
- Billing and Identifying Discrepancies.
- Management of Ingoing and Outgoing Payments along with Treasury Control and Management.
- Taxation Planning.
- Claiming Contract Guarantees.
- Insurance, Incidence and Claims Companies.
- Coordinating the Electric Company and the Network Manager.
- Preventative Maintenance Plan.
- Due Technical and Economic Diligence.